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Y Strainer Magno FYS 25
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Specification of Y Strainer Magno FYS 25

Y Striker Magno FYS 25

fitting accessory of metal pipe of brass material, pipe connection system with a female threat system on two sides, with the addition of trap function at the bottom, commonly called Y Strainer Magno FYS 25, Y trap and others
Strainer is a kind of filter tool that function is so that when the pump suck water, dirt or other material sucked into the pump that can lead to damage to the pump impeller.

- cast iron body
- close the tight bonnet
- stainless steel

- Size of vave: DN 50 - DN 500 (flanked end)
- nominal pressure: 16 bar

Components & Materials:
- body: cast iron
- gasket: non asbestos
- screen: stainless steel
Pipe and its equipment

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